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Private Lessons!

For Ages 4-16

Our Private Lessons are a great way for Students to work 1 on 1 with a teacher and directly focus on their artistic goals. 

All of our Private Lessons are offered either online, in person at your home, or in person in a studio.

Our private lessons are sessions that last 30 minutes.


We offer various styles of Private Lessons:

Starting Out…

For our younger students, we use a variety of fun exercises to improve their Confidence when speaking and singing. We learn songs, monologues, poems and more to allow them to feel comfortable speaking in any environment. 



From the Age of 6 years old all the way up to 18 Years old, we offer LAMDA exam training. 

LAMDA Exams is an awarding organisation, offering world renowned qualifications in communication and performance based subjects. There is a variety of subjects to choose from (ie. Acting, Musical Theatre, etc.)

Depending on the Grade Level and Subject, students prepare a variety of Theatrical pieces and/or Musical selections that we practice and explore in our Private Lessons. We prep the students extensively for the ‘Exam’. For the Exam, students will perform their prepared pieces to an external examiner who will ask questions on their choices and evaluate their performances. 

For older students who are working on their Duke of Edinburgh award. LAMDA lessons and exam preparation time can be used for the skills section of the Duke of Edinburgh award - as well as helping you gather up some UCAS points for your University Applications!


Drama School Audition Prep

For students who wish to audition for Drama School, we offer 1 to 1 Audition Prep. We help students pick audition material and practice the material so that students can walk into the audition room confident that they what they are doing. We do mock auditions to help them understand what an audition setting is like, we go through the audition requirements with them so that they understand what the process will be like, and we will be there every step of the way to support them through this very stressful time. All of the teachers are Drama School Trained, so we know what it feels like. 


If you are not sure what course works best for you/your child, get in contact with us and we can decide together!

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